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Re: OT:Insect swarming inspires jazz software

This topic brings to mind that wonderful film "Cremaster 2" by Matthew
Barney- so much crazy bee imagery- and there is nothing like watching a 
singer perform death metal while covered with bees!

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> At 7:36 AM -0700 5/10/02, deknow wrote:
> >i've been using longish (1.5min) loops of my beehive for more than a 
> >(i installed a stereo mic pair when i built it).
> I've used the sounds of bees and other insects in several pieces,
> most notably in my theater piece OX (1987) where I mixed them with
> short wave radio sounds. I got the bee recordings from an artist in
> Oakland who was doing an installation piece in which he used to sit
> for hours on end with his head and shoulders inside a glass-walled
> beehive. The bees build their honeycombs around him without incident.
> OX also had an olfactory element; the piece ended with the lighting
> of a large beeswax candle in the shape of Icarus, with wicks embedded
> in his wings. During a narration of the story of his flight too near
> the sun, the wings of the wax figure melted down and filled the
> theater with the aroma of beeswax.
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