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Re: GNX3 with JamMan and recorder?

I downloaded the manual from Digitech and took a look at the thing.  I 
honestly think that the Jamman (trademark) feature has much to do its 
predecessor.  As far as I can tell, they have an eight track digital 
set up so you can create a loop on one track and then overdub (and remove) 
on the other seven tracks.  I think that's about the extent of it.  I'm 
sure its
got the backwards features and the like but as far as being a looper I 
think its
very limited in its idea of what you can do with a loop; play something, 
it, play some stuff on top of it, remove some of that stuff.

Its probably great if you want to have one portable unit that does 
effects processing (pretty extensive), recording and then some rudimentary
looping.  However, if you want to get really creative with the loops, I 
you might burn this out pretty quickly.  It does have a lot of time 
for loops though.

That's just my impression from a quick read through of the manual though, I
haven't played one or anything like that.


Jim Hendrix wrote:

> Has anyone heard anything about the DigiTech GNX3?  The ad says it has 
>an 8
> track digital recorder / looper built in and that the looper is a 
>JamMan. Is
> it like  the origional Lexicon JamMan?
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