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Handsonic - bass strings on guitars

Just spent an hour trying one out - absolutely hated it!
It felt like a dead thing  in my hands  -  nice sounds and everything and
the ribbon controllers are cool but very little in the way of sonic nuance.
Lots of crap samples that have nothing to do with percussion either - 
electric guitars and GM sounds - yuk.
To cap it all, (and even though I was prepared for it) it looks like a
dalek's handbag!

Any one using a Zendrum?


Oh, I ended up buying a bass guitar E string for my crappy but sonically
beautiful secondhand, machettied electric guitar- it works a treat - I can
now lay down some deep bass under my loops without carrying another
instrument with me - anyone else doing this ? I was thinking of looking at
some 7 stringers to get my old bottom E back.