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Re: learn to use the gear YOU have.

I sorta have a retro-thing going on too... I've taken to playing with just 
pedalboard and mono amp (which is REALLY retro for me...)

But sitting in the corner was my old Pearce G2r rackmount amp. I've sold 
some really bitchin' high-end Lex and Korg stuff and have just my EDP and a
Vortex left. My funky 15 watt tube amp decided to start humming and blowing
tubes so I just racked up the Pearce, EDP, Vortex and just had a wonderful
night looping with it. I've had that Pearce since the late 80's. (Probably
needs caps).

I've been able to incorporate my pedal board as well by patching all the
distortions before the Pearce and the wet stuff at the preamp output into
the EDP and Vortex. (There's a Fuzz Probe and a Lovetone ? Flanger on it, 
it can make some pretty wack sounds...)

> From: Louis Rossi [mailto:tarbit@hotmail.com]
>>  Amen brother! Some friends are bugging me to pick up the Repeater, DL4
etc etc but I'm still learning & exploring w/ the EDP & even w/ my trusty
old Echo+ petal too. :)

> > > I've decided it's time to stop collecting gear for a while and
actually learn to use the gear I have.