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Re: Handsonic - bass strings on guitars

Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll check this SPD 20 thing out too.
I think I'll buy myself another "real" drum. This of course still leaves me
with the problem of live mic'ing - I've been using an SM58, I've just 
to get hold of a used AKG D12 - what does the group make of these little 
rock drum mics - I'm obsessed with getting my live rig as portable as



> Gareth, did you check out the Roland SPD 20, pecussion pad. Its got
> twice as many sounds, and extra-outs if you want to add more pads. I
> added a the V-drum bass drum trigger so I play things standing up. and
> you can put any sound or effect you want on the pad, and all the
> "canned' sounds are totally tweakable. fully midi, and half the price.
> Bill/Las Vegas