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Re: learn to use the gear I have.

But what happens when you want new gear?

On Sunday, May 12, 2002, at 03:33  PM, Evan Meyers wrote:

>>> Hi all,
>>> I've decided it's time to stop collecting gear for
>> a while and actually
>>> learn to use the gear I have.
> agreed, and not only that, but a concept i've posed to
> the group in the past.  be careful though, some folks
> are touchy about what the gear is used for whether it
> be for show or actually for making music or better
> yet, sounds (i don't think that the word sound can be
> interpretted nearly as much as the word music, so i
> think it is safe to write it)...i'm still impressed by
> the lights and nobs though, and don't forget switches,
> gotta have switches!
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