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Re: learn to use the gear I have.(going OT)


I guess this was part of my question too, but I never included in the 
which would make it hard to answer since technically it wasn't asked.  But 
now that you've let the cat out - how do, or did, you infinitely 
loopers go about starting your music-making?  personally, pre-aquisition 
stage, I've always jammed with loops in mind, or tried to auralise just 
whatever it is I'm playing would sound like being repeated.  
my mind doesn't work too well with overdub, and that's why I require all 
pseudo cybernetic extensions of what I feel are intrinsic human looping 

at the moment, my approach largely does consist of the mess with stuff! 
approach as advocated by mike, but I would like to start incorporating a 
more structure in with the mayhem.  Is looping, in all practicalities, 
depepndent on emergent phenomenon  arising from the mess with stuff! 
approach?  What other possibilities lie in the loop?

> I'd like to ask the members of the list what approach
> you took to making loop-based music when just starting out?
> Sincerely,
> Chris Olden
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