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Re: learn to use the gear I have.(going OT)

--- not8ohm@iinet.net.au wrote:
> hey,
>  how do, or did,> you infinitely experienced 
> loopers go about starting your music-making? 
> personally, pre-aquisition 
> stage, I've always jammed with loops in mind, or
> tried to auralise just what 
> whatever it is I'm playing would sound like being
> repeated. 

interesting. I was, and am, a heavy motif type player
also. looping came pretty quickly to me and made

> at the moment, my approach largely does consist of
> the mess with stuff! 
> approach as advocated by mike, but I would like to
> start incorporating a little 
> more structure in with the mayhem.  Is looping, in
> all practicalities, largely 
> depepndent on emergent phenomenon  arising from the
> mess with stuff! 
> approach?  What other possibilities lie in the loop?
> -michael

i'm an improvosational musician in most ways and am
very honest about my limitations on my instrument. I
loop what I can to a good affect if possible. I'm also
a good (or at least getting there) instrumentalist, so
when I have nothing good to loop I simply play. works
out pretty well and when I hear something I know I can
wreck people's minds with, I go there.

best regards, Pedro Felix - NYC 2002

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