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Re: expression pedal with all access

using 20k is supposed to insure more than enough to get 100% feedback.
maybe you have it connected wrong?
the output of the pedal should be connected to the feedback input on the 
also, maybe there is an adjustment on the pedal to set the min/max?
make sure the cable is good...
if you can get a multitester, you can test to make sure the output 
resistance of 
the pedal is correct...
if all this checks out, maybe something is wrong with the edp itself?

check this out from the ld archives:

> Thx Ben-
> well I got the 20k ohm Proel pedal. [didn't Kim say 20k ohm is what we
> want?].
> It won't open the feedback line all the way [enabling an infinite loop],
> which is no good. 
> If I  replace it with a 25k ohm linear pot, will it go to Max. value for
> feedback when in the down position? What do I need to do to accomplish
> this.?
> Thx 
> peter