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Re: expression pedal with all access

Probably the problem is in the structure of the pedal itself. I have had a
pair of those proels, and found the same problem on both...
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Subject: Re: expression pedal with all access

> using 20k is supposed to insure more than enough to get 100% feedback.
> maybe you have it connected wrong?
> the output of the pedal should be connected to the feedback input on the
> also, maybe there is an adjustment on the pedal to set the min/max?
> make sure the cable is good...
> if you can get a multitester, you can test to make sure the output
resistance of
> the pedal is correct...
> if all this checks out, maybe something is wrong with the edp itself?
> check this out from the ld archives:
> > Thx Ben-
> > well I got the 20k ohm Proel pedal. [didn't Kim say 20k ohm is what we
> > want?].
> > It won't open the feedback line all the way [enabling an infinite 
> > which is no good.
> > If I  replace it with a 25k ohm linear pot, will it go to Max. value 
> > feedback when in the down position? What do I need to do to accomplish
> > this.?
> >
> > Thx
> > peter
> >