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Re: learn to use the gear I have.

> most of us (all of us?) don't like to think we're on
> the wrong road, thus the touchiness.

this is a concept that that whole discussion made me
think about.  "the wrong road"  what exactly is the
wrong road anyway?  despite whatever you are doing, as
long as you are taking the steps to fill whatever
vision it is you have, then you can't be on the wrong
road.  i would say that the only time that you are on
the wrong road is when you are trying to fool yourself
(in anything).  with music, and especially looping, i
always find that the direction that i lean towards is
the path less traveled.  it's one thing to stand on
the shoulders of giants, it is entirely different to
be a giant (not claiming to be a giant of any kind,
but wouldn't it be amazing to one day be?)

> but ya know I agree with you.
> If someone has talent then their gear will not get
> in
> the way, and if they are lacking in that regard,
> well
> their gear won't hide it either.

it also all depends on where the talent is.  if you
are talented with gear and really know what your
vision is, then lack of musical ability on a specific
instrument will be made up for in technical ability. 
i hear really crappy music get dressed up really nice
to the point that it sounds good on the radio on a
daily basis.  and i've also heard amazing music sound
like garbage due to bad sound.

> hey, did you get to Chama on Sat.?

unfortunately not.  i've been jamming with others on
the weekends, including some list members (dan and
bill...werd up!)

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