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Re: OT: paremetric eq (rackmount) suggestions

For acoustic guitar You can't beat the Pendulum Audio stuff. I use the SPS-1 which is stereo but they have a mono one, too. I've used mine on hundreds of gigs with Chinese Zither, dulcimer and Acoustic Guitar...Recently I've used it for my Roland drum brain and even vocals. I'm sure it wiould be nice on an electric as well. The parametric EQ lets you eliminate feedback and shape your sound. 

Ther stereo one will send your pickup/mic blend to the house and your pickup only to the monitor to avoid feedback.

Makes acoustic stuff sound orgasmic. hmmm...maybe that's why the SPS-1 was $1,100.

Good Luck!

Bradley Fish

  faisal moro <faisalmoro@mac.com> wrote:

The TC 1140 or 2240 are great, even used as preamp. Pedal version (TC
DPE) is cool too, as it can handles studio level devices too. Again,
the TC SPE offers one band of parametric EQ + sustain control.
Nothing comparable to TC products when talking about sound quality IMHO.



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