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Re: expression pedal with all access

checked the manual and it does say pins 6 and 7...
i think the pins might be numbered so that 6 and 7 are the "extra" outside 
i have been using a standard 5pin midi cable since i got mine...

i was thinking midi info was sent on pins 2 and 4, but not sure...

> "i think it uses pin 1 and 7 on the midi cable for 9vac"
> i'll need to double-check the manual, but i believe it's pin 6 and 7 that
> carry the power.
> what i've done so far is buy a standard 5 pin cable and a 7 pin end.  
> cut and solder as i need, leaving 4 and 5 (on the 7 pin plug) unattached.
> sound good?
> -jim