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Re: Effects units

as an eventide owner (DSP7000), i can only say that 
after i spent the $$$ to get mine, i felt pretty 
bad...until it arrived and i plugged that baby in.  
then, i actually felt like i hadn't spent enough!

right behind my edp, it's the most indespensible part 
of my rig.  and i've only begun to scratch the 
surface, having owned it for a few months only.

i do know that the eclipse isn't as "open-ended" as 
the other eventide units, be they more or less 
expensive.  for example, you can edit to the same 
degree on the eclipse as you can on, say, my unit for 
example.  however, much of the factory presets can be 
edited...you just can't build you own in vsig (to the 
best of my knowledge).

if you'd like more details, drop by the eventide yahoo 
group and ask as many questions as you want.  
everybody there is helpful and usually very willing to 
offer advice, especially if you're 
considering "joining the converted" so to speak.