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RE: Effects units

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the info.  I read about the Eclipse in Sound on Sound and for
the most part have decided to sell my MPX1 which will be replaced most
likely by the Eclipse.  I wish I could consider one of the other
Eventide units but they are more expensive and take 2 spaces instead of
one, and with the rest of the gear I have, space is a premium.


> as an eventide owner (DSP7000), i can only say that 
> after i spent the $$$ to get mine, i felt pretty 
> bad...until it arrived and i plugged that baby in.  
> then, i actually felt like i hadn't spent enough!
> right behind my edp, it's the most indespensible part 
> of my rig.  and i've only begun to scratch the 
> surface, having owned it for a few months only.
> i do know that the eclipse isn't as "open-ended" as 
> the other eventide units, be they more or less 
> expensive.  for example, you can edit to the same 
> degree on the eclipse as you can on, say, my unit for 
> example.  however, much of the factory presets can be 
> edited...you just can't build you own in vsig (to the 
> best of my knowledge).
> if you'd like more details, drop by the eventide yahoo 
> group and ask as many questions as you want.  
> everybody there is helpful and usually very willing to 
> offer advice, especially if you're 
> considering "joining the converted" so to speak.
> -jim