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Re: Kaoss Pad and others... ?


i've had one a few years and i love it. it could use a few changes but for 
the most part it's
really fun. i'm not sure what else is out there that has a similar control 
system, maybe
alesis airfx? i've never played with one of those though. it is a very 
flexible and creative
effects processor. i'd say you could easily consider it an instrument of 

as far as kaoss in a looping context, what i like to do lately is this:

repeater loop going
mo-fx in repeater fx loop
kaoss in mo-fx insert loop

with the fx loop engaged i can use the kaoss's sampling presets to catch 
bits from the
current loop and then create loops of different lengths, direction etc by 
using the hold
button and changing parameters with finger motion. the kaoss pad's output 
overrides the
repeater's in this mode, so i can go back and forth between the original 
loop and the kaoss
loop just by pressing the fx loop engage button on repeater. it's a little 
clumsy but a lot
of fun. this plus the resampling on the repeater can lead to serious 

this is just one way to use it of course. another way would be to feed the 
kp from aux sends
of a mixer and return the output to a stereo pair of channels on the same 
mixer (with the
auxes muted). then you could have things play as normal but then bring in 
the effects when
you wanted them more gradually than the pad's fx on/off switch. some 
experimenting could lead
to interesting feedback loops.

finally another fun thing is just to feed it stereo  with fx on but hold 
off, then you only
get audio when you press the pad. this can be fun too. see if you can find 
one to play with
before you decide, but i think you'll be happy with it.

as scott mentioned there's going to be a version 2 kaoss pad and it seems 
to have addressed
most of the problems (minor) that i have with the first one. namely, being 
able to sample AND
effect instead at the same time instead of one or the other. looks like 
you can save finger
motions on the new one too, which would be slick.

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> Hey, do any of you use the Korg Kaoss pad for your live performances?
> Just wondering a) if you like it and b) if there are any other 
> alternatives?
> Thanks,
> Paul