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Re: sightings

Mike, et al,

In a message dated 5/23/02 6:39:21 AM, Nemoguitt@aol.com writes:

>in the latest "guitar palayer": a short review of ted killian's "flux 
>aeterna", very very cool.....congrats ted.....and a short albeit useless
>review of the electrix repeater.....michael

There's a somewhat longer (and much nicer) review of Steve Lawson's 
"Conversations" CD in the latest Bass Player mag. Check that out too.
His disc is much more deserving IMHO. Those of you who have not
heard it yet are realy missing something.

On the page facing the repeater review (in GP) is an "advert" for my CD 
too (right next to the one for Ten Years After). But don't be confused 
if the ad calls it a "new" CD. Yes, I know it's over 10 months old now. 
When neither you nor the label has a lot of moolah it takes a while to 
get around to doing some things . . . like advertising. 

The ad is an experiment of sorts. If it works . . . we may be able to get 
rid of a few CDs and help set things up for making (and marketing, to 
some extent) the next one. Yeah . . . silly idea isn't it? Why do I do
these things? I dunno.

Anywho . . . Mike, thanks for noticing. Maybe others will as well.