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Re: Lex MPX-1

At 02:17 PM 5/22/02, you wrote:
> I use it mostly for pitch programs in tandem with a D-TWO and a DL4.
> I like it.
If the MPX-1 does everything it claims, why would you also need the
D-Two (and/or DL4)? More (varied) delays at the same time?

Hey, Greg,

Wow, usually people remark on how few pieces of gear I have - maybe I don't "need" anything else!  But I sure thought I missed my DL4 when it was down for almost two months - those concerts weren't nearly as much fun to play! (or listen to, I imagine)...I'm sure there are untapped (by me, so far) resources in the Lexicon - such as (I think) having two very different/separate effects coming from either channel; however, in the case of pitch and delay programs, they both tend to eat up enough memory to make it impossible to combine some of the kinds of things that I would want to.  There was a time that the MPX1 was the only thing I had or used - that was all I "needed" for awhile.  Long reverbs pretty much sufficed in some of my early forays into live tuba processing and composing.  In the studio recording the first album, I had longer loops running on the EDP, while the DL4 was running it's shorter ones - maybe not "needed", but the engineer's idea, and it seemed to work nicely. 

By the way, perhaps worth mentioning - each time I've had my rig at Robert Rich's studio, he has detected "hash" or grit in the signal chain, which he has always said was coming from the MPX1.  It isn't an issue with live playing, but something to be aware of.

You do know that it is the G2, not the MPX1, that has a JamMan program, right? - not sure what you think the MPX1 claims to be able to do that would obviate the need for a DL4, EDP or other looper, with which to do live multi-tracking.  I'd love nothing better than to only have to haul around one piece of processing gear.  Hopefully some day in the not too distant future, I can accomplish this with a laptop...