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Re: Lex MPX-1

--- Tom Heasley <tom@tomheasley.com> wrote:
> At 02:17 PM 5/22/02, you wrote:
> > > I use it mostly for pitch programs in tandem with a D-TWO and a
> DL4.
> > > I like it.
> >Tom,
> >If the MPX-1 does everything it claims, why would you also need the
> >D-Two (and/or DL4)? More (varied) delays at the same time?

> You do know that it is the G2, not the MPX1, that has a JamMan
> program, 
> right? - not sure what you think the MPX1 claims to be able to do
> that 
> would obviate the need for a DL4, EDP or other looper, with which to
> do live multi-tracking.  

I wasn't questioning why you'd want something else for looping, that's
obvious to me. 

It just seemed that the MPX-1 and D-2 were kind of redundant, which
made me wonder if the MPX-1 had some inherent performance issues, or if
you used the D-2 for something additional it offered.

> I'd love nothing better than to only have to haul 
> around one piece of processing gear.  

That would be a dream. I guess some of the high end Eventide boxes are
probably there, but are expensive and complex.

> Hopefully some day in the not
> too distant future, I can accomplish this with a laptop...

That has a lot of potential, but presents a lot of different potential


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