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Re: request

>on 5/24/2002 8:58 PM, just john at just-john@just-john.com wrote:
>>> I am looking for schematics for the delta labs effectron I & II adm 
>>> one works and the other doesn't so I need to get it fixed
>>> any help will be appreciated
>>> thanx!
>> Crikey!  I have an Effectron II, and the documentation may have just 
>> you need!  And I may have the documentation, somewhere!
>> Estimated time needed to locate it:  Several days.
>> But I'll give it a shot.
>> ---
>> * just-john@just-john.com  http://just-john.com/cn/rfe.shtml *
>I thought it was CriMey!

That's the river, as in:  Crimey, a river ...

>the one that is broken is the effectron I but anything will help
>send it whenever you can

I'm completely flabbergasted that I found the Effectron II documentation!
It was in the same storage bin as the documentation for my Casio KX-101 and
other bits ot 80s memorabilia.

Anyway, what I have is the "Owner's Manual  ADM 256/ADM 1024."  It doesn't
have any genuine schematics in it.   The closest it comes is what they call
a Block Diagram, which looks like somebody used an electronics template --
y'know, squiggly lines with a branch line to indicate a potentiometer's
function, boxes for LFOs and VCOs -- to describe the signal flow.

The difference between this graphic and what I'd call a schematic is that
it doesn't have part numbers or specifications.  For instance, the
potentiometer functions it mentions don't mention ohms.  No voltages are
mentioned anywhere.

It's a weird document, and I'm guessing it's not what you need, 'cuz
anybody used to using the box already knows the processing flow.

Here's the sort of document I suspect you want:
http://www.loopers-delight.com/tools/deltalabs/echotron.jpg (for a
different device)   What I have is so high-level that the digital/audio
conversion is represented as a small box with "D/A" in it.

So, d'ya think it's worth my time to (finally) unpack my scanner and set it
up and scan it?

* just-john@just-john.com  http://just-john.com/cn/rfe.shtml *