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RE: Mark Isham looping in L.A.

Mark Isham (The trumpet player right?) uses a DJ?

This is inspiring to me, since my aspiration is to get integrated with a
live band, as opposed to doing solo scratch-loop compositions.

Any other Jazz based folks out there using DJs?


Thanks and best regards,

Dylan DeAnda
"What is it men cannot be made to believe!"
-Thomas Jefferson

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Hi Cliff,
That line up sounds cool. I got to see Isham in NYC a few years back .
was during the "silent way project" He was using a Vox wah, Jam Man & TC

Electronic G-force. Great sounds off the trumpet & the band were great
I hope he returns here again soon.


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>Subject: Mark Isham looping in L.A.
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>I just got home from a Mark Isham show here in L.A. Just like the time
>saw him a few years ago it was fantastic. And of course I got there
>late- naps take precedence! ;) He was using an E-Mu Esx sampler with a
>Buchla Thunder controller- and also a Ground Controller for I don't
>what. A new addition was a Repeater- it was on top of a Korg Trinity
>which was on top of a Fender 78 Rhodes. Repeater controlled by a
>mainly catching keyboard riffs- midi synced to a Mac laptop running
>Logic- which had a Oxygen 2oct controller hooked up as well.
>Nels Cline on guitar- always awesome- always looping-
>DJ/Computer operator
>Looping is here to stay.  Yay.
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