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RE: Mark Isham looping in L.A.

Title: RE: Mark Isham looping in L.A.

Any other Jazz based folks out there using DJs?

** i think dave douglas (trumpet/composer) has used a dj on one or two of his projects.

there are probably others. i seem to remember a few things on the knitting factory works label that might qualify. also, john zorn has done some work with christian marclay, though he may be more of a "turntablist" than a dj . . .

i play in a band,splinter group, headed by guitarist g.e. stinson that has a vocalist and dj-type in it. the dj guy does beats, textures and a wee bit o' scratching. the band is not exactly "jazz" per se - - more like free-range improv.

g.e.'s cd vapor (ecstatic peace/smells like record) has two cuts by this band on it (it may also have a trumpet player on it, fuzzy memory here). he's currently mixing a complete album of the same band for release by a small label within the year.


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