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Re: An introduction to myself

Hi, Steward!

First of all, welcome (but I also just joined). Im a little bit into 
street music also, but usually with another pecussionist. How do you 
manage to use the line 6 out there? with the power and speaker and so on?

All the best,

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On 31.05.02 at 23:19 Stuart Wyatt wrote:

>I've just joined the list, and would like to introduce myself.
>My name is Stuart Wyatt, and I'm an English electric violinist living in 
>Paris. I play solo, live, and use an Electrix Repeater, Line6 DL4 and 
>also various delays (when I have them working) to improvise my music.
>If you'd like to hear what I am up to, check out the most recent 
>recording at http://mapage.noos.fr/swyatt/ThursdayPiece.mp3
>I've been looping now for about two years, often performing on the 
>street with just the DL4 pedal. Its my job... and I like it :)
>Whilst I know a fair bit about looping from my own experiences, I also 
>have a lot to learn. Hence, this is why I am here. To learn, and also to 
>For more info about what I do, please feel free to visit 
>So here I am :)
>- Stuart