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pcm42 in relation to the EH16sd

off the top of my pointed head:
to the below, i'd say the pcm42 adds:
1) the delay time is selectively & progressively modulatable via internal 
(as either a sine or square wave) and/or -(that's the progressive bit)- 
2) a 'higher-quality' audio path than the eh16sd (though still w/ 8-bit 
encoding at limited sample-rates), incl. a very subjectively 'nice' 
limiter at the input.
3) mix output, delay time, feedback available via backpanel voltage 
4) a 'clock' output, w/some user-selectable subdivisors.
5) various mods were (are?) available, ncluding increased memory, memory 
reverse, 'new' loop points, etc.....
6) various outputs.

dt / splattercell

>The EH-16 has a function which modulates the playback rate. A loop would
>accelerate then slow down. In its extreme setting this was a wild effect.
>You could control the depth and frequency of this modulation.  Yay analog!
>I miss it, but not the (unwanted) weird behavior it increasingly started
>exhibit when I ditched it 6 years ago as a collectable after 13 years of
>service.  I think you'd be crazy to buy one now if you wanted a dependable
>and serviceable device.