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Re: The Legendary Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Delay

None really taken, I just get a bit cranky (before morning caffeine
especially) when everything is taken so seriously.  Would it really be a
horrible thing to be known as "David Torn: The Man Who Thought The EH16
Was UNIQUE"?  Was the EH16 not a unique box?  Many devices probably share
some of it's functions, but at what price?  Did they have as nice an
interface?  (and that is subjective) Funky foot controller?  The PCM42 was
for sure a more "hi-fi" box aimed at studio applications, where as the
EH16  seemed to be aimed at guitarists (Fripp in a box) as a stomp box.
All of these differences to all other devices make it... unique?  Am I
wrong here?

Now, of course there are a bunch of looping devices out there, some that
behaved in similar fashion to the EH16.  Frankly, my Repeater with a
Lexicon MPX1 in it's effects loop will run rings around the EH16. IN MY
OPINION.  But that's not what I was saying.  I was saying that the EH16
was not exactly like anything else.  But when you say that you don't think
it's unique, you are telling me that you know of something that's exactly
like it.  Well, that's nice.

Welcome to my United States of Whatever.

Basically, when I answered the two people that came on and said, "I'm new
to the list, does anyone know about the EH16?" I just wanted to try and be
helpful to point out devices that do exist that can easily be obtained,
not to suggest that one my ever totally replace a dead product like the
EH16.  If someone came on and said, "I'm new to looping and I want to buy
a Repeater, but can't find one..." I'd say, "Well, it's dead, but you
might want to check out the EDP."  Not that the EDP is the same as the
Repeater, but that it will probably be of interest to someone that's
looking to get into looping.  Anyway, I'm just trying to be a bit of a
loop evangelist, and maybe help point out gear possibilities to people who
are looking for gear that is no longer made.  It seems that when I do
this, someone has to come down on me for suggesting that something could
possibly take the place of their beloved <insert fave gear here>.  Well,
something WILL take the place of dead gear.  It's inevitable.  Evolution
doesn't mean things get better.  It just means things change.

Mark Sottilaro

Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:

> m,
> >OK, what I should have said, was that some of us decided that the EH16
> >was a
> >unique box, but David Torn and Weg don't think this at all.
> i wasn't being snide; i just didn't agree w/the 'we' of it.
> i wanted to be clear, is all.
> sorry if you took offense!
> best,
> dt / splattercell