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Re: The Legendary Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Delay

someone said:

>> I don't really know; I am just curious as to the specifics of why dt
>> want to be "we" on this one.

stephen goodman then replied:
>I think what the EH16 did more than anything else was raise the level of
>awareness for looping devices amongst those of us who were reading about
>it at the time; 
i can see that perspective, though it doesn't apply to me.
someone gave a complete unit to me, once, 'cuz he knew i was well into 
i used it for 3 or 7 minutes:
it was phenomenally noisy, then broke itself immediately:
i gave it away --broken-- to someone else who really wanted it:
it was never a partner in my looping zone.

>more importantly, the EH16 cost a bit less than any other
>device of its kind at the time.  As a result the rather massive 
>began to eventually produce units with more than 1200ms, for less than
>which I recall was the price for the EH16.

>I wonder though, how many of us on this list were slavering for an EH16
>they came out, and continued to want for it in the same manner one lusts
>the Girl/Guy Not Dated/etc. in High School: from afar, with a good deal
>romantic (and often non-realistic) notions about What Life Would Be Like
>If We Had One. 
right. add'ly, one wonders a bit about the retro-lust aspect..... 
(read in hushed tone: 'if only i had that rare les paul/telecaster 
surely, the thing had a certain charm, but you can buy a (much more useful 
better-sounding) brandnew edp, right now, easy as eins-zwei-drei.....

>I also wonder whether it could be said that units like the
>themselves spark ideas/techniques for looping that we take almost for
>granted today.
i'd guess that's possible..... i still use my pcm42, whose 
are present in the eh16.....

dt / splattercell