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Re: The Legendary Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Delay


>None really taken, I just get a bit cranky (before morning caffeine
>especially) when everything is taken so seriously. 
eek. i can't speak before the first dbl of the day.

> Would it really be
>horrible thing to be known as "David Torn: The Man Who Thought The EH16
no, but.
i didn't thought you were merely saying it was unique, which it was not 
for the rev-switch).
also, this is kinda a small community of friendly sorts, and i really 
like being misunderstood, where it can be avoided.....
>Was the EH16 not a unique box?  Many devices probably share
>some of it's functions, but at what price?  Did they have as nice an
>interface?  (and that is subjective) Funky foot controller?  The PCM42
>for sure a more "hi-fi" box aimed at studio applications, where as the
>EH16  seemed to be aimed at guitarists (Fripp in a box) as a stomp box.
>All of these differences to all other devices make it... unique?  Am I
>wrong here?
well, for the price-point-thang: yeah.

>Now, of course there are a bunch of looping devices out there, some that
>behaved in similar fashion to the EH16.  Frankly, my Repeater with a
>Lexicon MPX1 in it's effects loop will run rings around the EH16. IN MY
>OPINION.  But that's not what I was saying.  I was saying that the EH16
>was not exactly like anything else.  But when you say that you don't think
>it's unique, you are telling me that you know of something that's exactly
>like it.  Well, that's nice.
>Welcome to my United States of Whatever.

want another espresso, on me?
what you said was:

>A little while ago we decided that nothing came 
>close to this little box.
that doesn't say 'unique', to me; i understood you to mean something like 
'beyond its competitors':
i clearly misunderstood.

>Basically, when I answered the two people that came on and said, "I'm new
>to the list, does anyone know about the EH16?" I just wanted to try and
>helpful to point out devices that do exist that can easily be obtained,
>not to suggest that one my ever totally replace a dead product like the
>EH16.  If someone came on and said, "I'm new to looping and I want to buy
>a Repeater, but can't find one..." I'd say, "Well, it's dead, but you
>might want to check out the EDP."  Not that the EDP is the same as the
>Repeater, but that it will probably be of interest to someone that's
>looking to get into looping.  Anyway, I'm just trying to be a bit of a
>loop evangelist, and maybe help point out gear possibilities to people
>are looking for gear that is no longer made.  It seems that when I do
>this, someone has to come down on me for suggesting that something could
>possibly take the place of their beloved <insert fave gear here>.  Well,
>something WILL take the place of dead gear.  It's inevitable.  Evolution
>doesn't mean things get better.  It just means things change.
wasn't coming down on you.
wasn't following complete thread, and misunderstood you.
my mistake.
offer of coffee still stands.
dt / s-c