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Re: EDP Noise level

I haven't seen a response to this hiss question.  
I have recorded many of the popular looping devices, EH16, Jamman,
Repeater, EDP, DL4.  They all have hiss.  With each of these it is
important to have the maximum input level possible that is just below
clip/overload/distortion.  This will insure the noise floor is well
below the signal level.  Try increasing the input level to the edp
until you hear distortion in the loop, then back the level down 'just a
hair' until the distortion goes away.
--- Looptalk@aol.com wrote:
> Here's my question. Why when I press record on my plex the recorded
> loop 
> contains a high level of hiss..even if it's not connected to any
> input 
> source...I run my looper through a AUX on my Mackie.. I've tried
> every 
> combination of input/output levels - and still get this hiss
> ---anyone else. 
> As I layer more loops to the first the Hiss goes away  (or is covered
> up)
> What happen to the Repeater?
> todd

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