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Re: essential loop recordings

> In a message dated 6/29/03 9:07:40 PM, d.ans@rcn.com writes:
> << I have to nominate talking heads remain in light
> One of my favorites.

> I always think of it as a Brian Eno album.
> :-)
>\> Bob\

2 me it will *always* B: thee "<adrian belew>" record!!
how he rips on that reckkdd-
saw it live and got a coula good vids from europa from that time frame and
he just never got as freekee and guitaristic as he done did on that 
record!!! that was some damn good stuff.back then i went out and got as 
equipment as i could that he used-including big muffs-mxr dynacomps-roland
jc120s and (i will always be thankful for the <EH16sec.ddl> )