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Re: 16 second delay reissue a reality

At 03:09 AM 2/15/2004, Gareth Hardwick wrote:
>well, from a looping perspective, current stompbox loopers like the
>Boomerang, Boss RC-20 (and to an extent DD-20) and the Line 6 DL4 all 
>long loop times with reverse playback and octave down (Boomerang and DL4).

surely you are joking? None of these units have feature sets remotely like 
the EH-16, and nobody would seriously think they could replace one. If you 
think an RC-20 can replace an EH-16 you are not a potential customer for 
the reissue version anyway.

>Like someone also said, our friend Juan (Maneco) can make a hand assembled
>looper (the Elite Maneco) for just over $500 which has far more features
>than the 80's 16 sec.

I'd really like to hear what people think of the Maneco looper, if anybody 
has one yet. But if he is making them by hand, I think the price would not 
stay at $500 if hundreds of people started ordering them. It would go up 
very fast.

But you are missing the point here completely. People have been crying for 
years that they want the EH-16 again. They want it reissued exactly like 
was. Not with all sorts of new features crammed on top of it. A lot of 
people loved that unit and want to be able to get it again. What 
electro-harmonix needs to do is reproduce it as close as possible to the 
original, and they will have huge demand for it. If they try to add stuff 
to it, they'll screw it up and nobody will want it. "Reissue" isn't about 
what features are added, its about reproducing the original.

$800, adjusted for inflation, is cheaper than it was originally, and the 
people who loved it and owned it then are now 20 years older with better 
jobs and much higher incomes. They'll have no trouble finding buyers for a 
reissue at that price.


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