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Re: EH 16 second manual online...

On Jun 30, 2004, at 11:54 AM, Paolo Valladolid wrote:
> Does the EH16 not allow the creation of loops shorter
> than 4 minutes?

Of course.  4 is the max.

>> of loop time for a
>> single loop?) and do it stereo. (Yes Mark Hamburg.
> For what you paid MusicToyz, you could have gotten 2
> EH16s.  Problem solved.

Perhaps you should spend less time thinking of your best friend Ron and 
more time practicing your arithmetic.  It was not that much more. ;)  
I'll keep Ron in mind next time I need some EH gear.  I wish someone 
would have spoken up when I asked about him in the first place.  Oh 
well.  I probably missed his deal anyway.

> I keed, I keed!!! ;)

I'll see your keed and raise you one!

> Or pick up a Manecolooper as the 2nd looper.  The
> Elite version has MIDI clock out too, though I have no
> idea how you'd sync two looper pedals which both
> output MIDI clock.

Yeah, it's not that important.  If I were to have to buy a second unit 
to get stereo, I'd go for another Repeater.  I'm just saying.  For the 
EH16's main purpose I don't need it to be stereo as it is to be part of 
my Special Ops rig when I need to get into a gig, loop and leave in a