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Re: Stereo-zation

The philtre is a excellent post looper fx.  The faze just kinda.....stinks.
I regret buying it.
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Sent: Thursday, July 01, 2004 2:54 PM
Subject: Stereo-zation

> Yup, sorry Stanitarium!  I DO LOVE THE STEREO CHORUS SOUND!
> After playing with the EH-16 a bunch yesterday, I realized that as well
> as being a cool mono looper for playing live, it also sits nicely in my
> studio for extra looping fun.  At one point I had asynchronous loops
> going on the EH-16, Gigadelay (Not true about the tone control, it's
> neutral when at 12:00) and lastly the 8 sec looper on board the Vox
> Tonelab SE.  I could have had my Repeater going as well, but I didn't
> want to get greedy!
> So my question is this:  The EH-16 doesn't have the lo-fi "feature" of
> it's father, but I do notice the monoization of my lush stereo chorused
> sounds.  Again, not a big deal when playing live but in the studio I'm
> thinking I'd like to be able to post process the output of the EH16.
> I'd like it to be small and cheap, if possible.  I'm thinking of one of
> those cheap little Alesis effects that do stereo modulation.  (the
> Alesis FAZE)  Anyone try one of these?
> Should I hold out for something like a nanoverb?  Is the Line6 MM-4
> worth it?  Basically I want mono in, stereo out.  Nothing too fancy.
> Mark