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RE: OT: LRAD new sonic technology

Haven't thought about this technology/methodology for some time.

The 'low frequency to mess up your head and body' was also utilized by
the industrial band Psychic TV for some time, as well as grunge rockers
TAD.  I think PTV was a bit more mercenary in their approach, where as
TAD used it with a bit more adolescent humor. ("hey, look!  That guy
just shit himself!  Isn't that hilarious?")   

As for the epileptic thing, I may possibly a very mild victim.  I work
in a digital photography and design studio.  At times, I will sit in for
the photographers to get their exposure levels prior to the arrival of
the models.  Even though it's not pulsing at a steady rate, those strobe
lights leave me feeling disorientated and nauseous afterwards.

And I had the fortune of seeing the William S. Burroughs art
retrospective at the LA County Museum of Art quite a few years back.
They had on display Burroughs & Bryon Gysin's 'Dream Machine', which
supposedly put your mind into some sort of altered state when you closed
your eyes and looked at the pulsing light.  (yes, Bill and Bryon added
drugs and gamelan music, but you get the picture).

Whew...I just about lost it looking at that thing, and had a terrible
headache for the remainder of the day.

Guess I should avoid tree lined alleyways at sunset!



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On Aug 27, 2004, at 12:15, Suit & Tie Guy wrote:
> yes. it's the same idea that the Nazis were using the 40s.
> they had a parabolic sound cannon which fired a 6.5 hz sine wave at 
> some obscene dB level that could blow a soldier apart ... if he stood 
> still for 4 minutes.

> btw: notice anything particular about that frequency? it's the average

> resonant frequency of the human body, which also happens to fall 
> within the 6-7 hz range which we find most musically pleasing for 
> vibrato.
> coincidence?

Interesting idea, Eric! Now, that must be why Ben Websters tone feels 
like tearing me apart inside: It does!!! Guess I survived because I did 
move within four minutes ;-)

BTW isn't that range of 6 to 7 hz the range that may trigger an 
epileptic reaction if you are disposed for it? I heard of traffic 
accidents where people have been driving at sunset through an alley 
with trees planted on a row at a distance that happened to create an 6 
to 7 hz frequency of sun beam vs shadow. Unfortunate for epileptic 

And if you go a little lower you reach the frequency of INFRA NOISE 
that cause headache and sickness. Infra noise can be generated inside 
high buildings by the outside wind or the passing of heavy traffic.

All the best

Per Boysen

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