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regarding amp v.s digital preamp

Hi !
I use my repeater in the fx-loop of my Mesa f-50. This works greate ! But it does not work that greate in my fender deluxes` fx loop.Too much noise. 
After my guitar I use prescription fuzz (like Torn), wah wah, Boss comp, Rat dist. I dont think I loose that much signal ! ! From here the signal goes into my TC 2290 and this split the signal onto the Mesa amp and the fender amp. The loops sounds only in the Mesa. But the guitar-sound I use to play over the loops is kind of stereo because of effects and the panning. In the TC 2290s` fx-loop I use reverb, Micro synth, POG, and Ibanez delay. I use RC 20 before my fender amp, for some additional looping.
I am very pleased with my gear and the sound of the TC 2290. The repeater is greate !
I dont get troubled with noise or loss of signal ! But still I am very interested in trying the "all digital-thing with use of mixer"
Rune F, Norway