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Re: 2880

I had an EH-16 reissue, and I felt the same way.  I
didn't mind it though, it was part of it's character. 
Aside from a few missing feature I thought it was a
pretty cool box.  90% of the time I'm looking for a
more high fidelity sound though and away it went.

--- gary dunne <gardunne@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> Learning a lot from reading the posts on this list.
> Cheers
> I've been an RC20 for a long time and am in the
> middle of upgrading, most 
> likely to a Looperlative.
> I tried the new Electro Harmonix 2880 in a store
> here in London over the 
> weekend as I was thinking that it might suit what I
> want to do. I found the 
> sound on it to be really 'squashed'. It's fine when
> you just have one loop 
> on each of the four tracks but the minute you start
> overdubbing, it gets 
> really muddy and the level balance of tracks gets
> all messed up. Anyone else 
> have any experience of it?
> Cheers
> Gary Dunne
> www.garydunne.com
> www.myspace.com.garydunne

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