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Grandaddy of the VF-1 RE: boss (WAS vintage eh16)

Title: RE: boss (WAS vintage eh16)
Do please tell me what you find out, so I can try it on my own RPS-10. (I'm actually glad their prices collapsed right after I bought mine, because now I will never be tempted to sell this great box, which still does one of the beefiest reverse sounds EVER!)
~Tim Mungenast
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>>and the wonderful Boss RPS-10....<<

the half-rack pitch shifter? I can't remember if it was this or the similar RPD-10 (a panning delay) that, if you turned it around, had a mysterious "hold" footswitch socket in the back. which ever one it was, I have it somewhere, & have modified it to run a bit slower/grungier. I gigged it a couple of times before we got the second jam-man, & the frozen audio was glitch-tastic.

must dig the bugger out again & see if it still wants to play.



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