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Re: Audio Interface for Notebook Users

I might give the M-Audio USB unit a try then. It's not terribly expensive.  So far I really like M-audio gear, especially their solid state recorder.  I still like the Indigo IO, but plugging my guitar chord into that thing with a 1/4 to 1/8 adpator makes me nervous. It just hangs there, and easily wiggles around. I bought a really high quality instrument chord that is designed for computer use (the Monster cable that goes from 1/4 to 1/8 and doesn't require an adaptor), but the thing is so thick and robust that it overpowers the input jack of the IO. It's like I need some sort of harness that will keep it stable in the input jack.

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Latency should be no problem if you're only using a few channels.  In
theory USB/Firewire devices are more suspectable to bus contention
than a PCMCIA card, but if you only have one high-speed device on the
bus it isn't an issue.  Just avoid having the audio interface,
scanner, video digitizer, and external backup hard drive all going at
the same time :-)
Historically firewire has had a better reputation than USB, but
they're about the same now.  USB is a bit twitchier with hubs, you
have to be careful never to mix USB1 and USB2 devices on the same hub.
If you're plugging directly into the computer you're fine.