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Re: where should i go next? (looper question)

> Ah the ART SGE2000... I remember how I had to cover
> the graphics with black electrical tape to keep my
> eyes from bleeding!

I actually have one of the later Nightbass SE's which is mostly black,
but i know what you are talking about...the big pink splashes of color

> but really they're both good and you should figure out
> *what* you'd like to do.  Frankly, I miss a lot of the
> simplicity of the JamMan but I needed stereo and that
> click that sometimes popped up during a MIDI synced
> loop was a bother.

yeah, they both are good...i don't think i need anything incredible, i
just want it to have a few loops, undo would be cool, stereo would be
a bonus, but not necessary...

is there a way to get rid of that click? i have heard other people
talk about that as well...