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Overdub with "Quantize to shortest loop" feature?

Hi folks

I was wondering if any hardware is offering a
"Quantize to Shortest Loop Length" feature in Overdub
mode that would give complete artistic freedom and
spontaneity, like this:
- Record Loop1 with a certain length
- Press "Start Overdub" to overdub Loop2 on top
- Press "Stop Overdub" to stop overdub
- A "Quantize to Shortest Loop" feature will take care
that Loop1, Loop 2, Loop 3... fit together.

- Record Loop1 (1 bar length)
- Overdub Loop2 (4 bar length) as described above
    - Loops have perfect 4:1 relation
- Overdub Loop3 (1 bar length) as described above
    - Loops have perfect 4:1:4 relation

I know some SW/HW offer a quantize function where you
define a global tempo in advance and all loops are
quantized to that. 

Others (like RC-50, Repeater) allow you to record
multiple phrases and to sync them - but on separate
loops and not in overdub mode.

Does any hardware looper have a "quantize to shortest
loop" feature? Is this interesting for other folks,

Best regards

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