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Re: Overdub with "Quantize to shortest loop" feature?


press Multiply  then record as end multiply. if you are Quantized it can 
at 8th, at cycle, at loop

the EDP manual is download able on the LD site

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Subject: Overdub with "Quantize to shortest loop" feature?

Hi folks

I was wondering if any hardware is offering a
"Quantize to Shortest Loop Length" feature in Overdub
mode that would give complete artistic freedom and
spontaneity, like this:
- Record Loop1 with a certain length
- Press "Start Overdub" to overdub Loop2 on top
- Press "Stop Overdub" to stop overdub
- A "Quantize to Shortest Loop" feature will take care
that Loop1, Loop 2, Loop 3... fit together.

- Record Loop1 (1 bar length)
- Overdub Loop2 (4 bar length) as described above
    - Loops have perfect 4:1 relation
- Overdub Loop3 (1 bar length) as described above
    - Loops have perfect 4:1:4 relation

I know some SW/HW offer a quantize function where you
define a global tempo in advance and all loops are
quantized to that.

Others (like RC-50, Repeater) allow you to record
multiple phrases and to sync them - but on separate
loops and not in overdub mode.

Does any hardware looper have a "quantize to shortest
loop" feature? Is this interesting for other folks,

Best regards

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