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New Standard Tuning stuff


may be a bit OT, but this is the only forum I know where some people 
have some experience with this tuning. I have been using this for about 
two months now, I did not play so much due to an injury which is getting 
better. So far I have only worked on chordal stuff, I really enjoy the 
new chords I can get with this. I will not attend a Guitar Craft course 
in the near future, because it simply doens't fit into my timing 
schedule at the moment, so I am asking here, because there is also no 
one in my area who could show me a thing or two.
But now two questions:
How to work on scales? The fingerings that came into my mind were:
Major scale:
D| 12-14-15-17 etc.
G| 12-14-16-17
C| 12-14-16-17

Minor scale:
D|12-13-15-17 etc.

These are playable but especially the Major scale needs a lot of 
stretching. Any better way here?

And second question: What to play? Own stuff of course, but maybe there 
is a bit of reportoire for the NST. I thought about trying out some 
cello stuff, maybe some etudes could be helpful to practice the stretching.

Thanks for your time, Janosch