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Re: New Standard Tuning stuff

tunings remain sort of a mistery to me and why certain
instruments are tuned the way they are...in Cuba for
example the standard tres guitar is tuned in gG cc Ee
or aA, dd, Ff# but i was happy to know that some SON
musicians also tune it in gG,bb,Ee like i do.Ive tried
the traditional tuning but i just dont feel
comfortable with the fingerings,the only drawback is
that if u want to learn from books everything is
written under the traditional tuning,but such books
are rare to find anyway so is basically translating it
or relying on your ears.
I would say find a tuning that works for u and feel
comfortable with,for me DADGAD and sometimes CGDGAD on
guitar work rather well besides the good ol tuning,ive
explored other tunings but with this ones i am able to
translate a lot of what i play in standard.

> These are playable but especially the Major scale
> needs a lot of 
> stretching. Any better way here?
> And second question: What to play? Own stuff of
> course, but maybe there 
> is a bit of reportoire for the NST. I thought about
> trying out some 
> cello stuff, maybe some etudes could be helpful to
> practice the stretching.
> Thanks for your time, Janosch

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