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Re: Is it Ableton Live - or is it me?


I'm new, and I don't actually have much experience with Ableton Live, but
in this video (
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2250529127876206416 ), it looks
like Kid Beyond is getting around some of these issues using a MIDI ->
Keystroke mapping utility.  Thought it might be useful to you.


> Hi Loopers
> when I first encountered Ableton Live, I was quite impressed.
> I still am besides the fact that I'm always biased toward computer-based
> applications for anything in real-time.
> Anyway, it is really doing wonderful things, but there are somethings 
> seem very annoying I can't seem to work around. I'm even skipping the
> latency issue, which is ovious I guess...
> When I want to record/play several loops in parallel & in sync I seem to
> have to do the following:
> - Tap tempo for setting global tempo
> - Set quantize i.e. to 1 bar
> - Record first loop
> - Record second loop...
> I would like to get around having to tap the global tempo in the 
> I would like to be able to record my first loop _without_knowing_ the
> tempo before. Then, I would like to quantize the next loops according to
> the first etc.
> Ableton offers great MIDI/keyboard shortcut features. But they seem to be
> a bit counter-intuitive to me.
> To record a loop, I seem to have to:
> - Arm the track I want to record
> - Press that tiny little Record circle on that particular loop.
> Instead, basically I would like to move the cursor to a loop position and
> say "start recording this loop now".
> This way, I could move the cursor to the loop I want and then send a
> MIDI/keyboard signal "record this loop now". But I don't want to define
> i.e. 8 different "arm recording track" keys for having 8 tracks parallel
> nor do I want to define 32 shortcuts for all the record buttons on a 8x4
> loop matrix.
> Theoretically, if I "sacrifice" i.e. 8 keys for arm track 1-8 and two 
> for switching up/down between so-called "scenes" (scene = all the loops
> played in parallel) it is supposed to somehow record the chosen track but
> it doesnn't.
> Is all this stuff the limitation of Live or is it just me?
> Any practical suggestions or work-arounds?
> Best regards
> Buzap
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