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Re: BOSS RC-50 impressions-Time Compression Expansion

Hi Nathan

> > > i'm sorry to confirm that this IS true.
> > unless you keep the loops at the (exact) original
> > tempo they sound like
> > utter shite
well this is actually horrible news.
Could you at least record Phrase 1 and set "quantize tempo" for Phrase 2/3 

> > i would go even further to say that the sound
> > quality appears to be rather 
> > inconsistent when the pedal is run as a midi slave.
Well, this is almost just as bad...
So, if I want to record everything via firewire to computer, does this 
mean I have to set the RC-50 as MIDI master for MIDI sync?
Hope this works well...

> > will it be adressed in future production runs or
> > some kind of firmware 
> > update?
I really hope they do, stereo sound and loop lenght aside, MIDI sync and 
tempo sync were the two best features I was awaiting... 

Best regards


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