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Re: BOSS RC-50 impressions-Time Compression Expansion

i'm sorry to confirm that this IS true.
unless you keep the loops at the (exact) original tempo they sound like
utter shite, crazy warbled, even if you only change the tempo a little 
i would go even further to say that the sound quality appears to be rather 
inconsistent when the pedal is run as a midi slave. no warbling at all if 
the pedal is the master, but the sound seems prone to chaotic fluttering 
you do very many overdubs in slave mode.
the pedal is still pretty useful for me, but i have to admit
i'm fairly unimpressed with these limitations, if only because roland is 
making claims about the capabilities of this device that are not validated 
by reality.
will it be adressed in future production runs or some kind of firmware 
i don't know, but it's unfortunate.

>From: "Sean Mormelo" <sean@seanmormelo.com>
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>Subject: Re: BOSS RC-50 impressions-Time Compression Expansion
>Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 16:03:43 -0800
>I just read on the Harmony Central Forums that the time compression
>expansion is horrible! The sound gets all warbled etc...IS this true,
>because if it is this totally screws up one of the main features I was 
>to exploit for mixing on the fly looping and some pre-recorded