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Re: Software vs Hardware, Laptop vs Oldskool

In general all your thoughts are very reasonable, all is a question of 
priorities in the end.


Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:
> 5. Useability:

For me the usability is a clear win for the laptop for the following 

I can design the amount of usability myself. Of course the main reason 
is, I write my own software, I am able to take care of the position of a 
knob, I can define the cutoff to be controlled by the same controler 
always (even for the wavestation if I would love to carry it around..;-)

For non Max/MSP users there is the new Kore system of Native Intruments, 
which seems to help out a lot for this issue.

But one thing is absolutely essential for it: Controlers, I mean more 
than just a FCB. In the end I bet you will have a light hybrid system.
Why not keeping the Kaospad as controler and backup effect for evil 
failures? Its small enough and would enable you to control much more 
than the box itself. I'd always have some extra faderboxes around (you 
mentioned the Behringer, which is way too big for my taste, I love my 
little PocketDial and PocketFader...)

just my 2 eurocents...


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