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Re: Myspace OWNS your posted content....

loop.pool wrote:
> If I get a satisfactory and respectful answer to this situation I"ll let 
> everyone know and
> then, perhaps we can start a    Live Loopers at Tribe.net    thread.

I could live with the rules of MySpace regarding the license, as I 
retain control by the ability to remove the content again, which is fair...
But my bigger concern is that MySpace belongs to the evil forces of 
Mordor (though he spells himself Murdoch). They make a lot of money with 
the help of the contributors, but do not share this. This might be not 
I would be interested in a concept which would share a part of the 
income with those who provide the content. More a community kind of 
thinking than a corporate one.
Its time to use one of these services, I guess it doesn't matter too 
much for all of us which one it is. I'd visit looper sites anywhere...


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