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Re: Myspace OWNS your posted content....

At 10:30 PM +0200 6/6/06, Stefan Tiedje wrote:
>loop.pool wrote:
>>If I get a satisfactory and respectful answer to this situation 
>>I"ll let everyone know and
>>then, perhaps we can start a    Live Loopers at Tribe.net    thread.
>I could live with the rules of MySpace regarding the license, as I 
>retain control by the ability to remove the content again, which is 

Yep, I would agree.  However, IIRC this whole MySpace hubbub began 
when somebody actually went through the agreement several months ago, 
and *at that time* there was no clause stipulating that the license 
terminated when you pulled the content.  Thus, there was no stated 
termination limit and the earlier agreement did de facto cover your 
material, as Duncan put it, "in perpetuity" (or at least as long as 
they retained backup tapes).

That's since changed (bravo!) due to user backlash, I think.  Why 
such a edit had to occur as the result of user protest -- rather than 
merely being a part of good contract practice by News Corporation's 
army of lawyers at the very beginning -- makes me a little wary, but 
still not so much as:

>But my bigger concern is that MySpace belongs to the evil forces of 
>Mordor (though he spells himself Murdoch). They make a lot of money 
>with the help of the contributors, but do not share this. This might 
>be not fair.

Right there with you.  Although I don't feel that Murdoch has 
explicitly evil morals so much as he has no morals whatsoever, and 
will do anything or pander to anyone merely to chase a buck.  Of the 
deadly seven, Greed, I think, is more his "sin du jour".  I certainly 
don't 100% trust him or his endeavors.

In as far as MySpace goes, I can't shake the feeling of merely 
getting suckered.  I mean, the general pitch goes: "come post your 
content to a site where you can be associated with many big names and 
a huge user community".  Yet, with 10,000 other bands signing up for 
the site as well, what's the chance of your being catapulted to 
stardom or, for that matter, even being noticed by those celebrities 
you wished to rub shoulders with?

And, in the meantime, News Corp winds up with scads of free content 
(not to mention the traffic from all these bands themselves signing 
up for MySpace) which Murdoch *can* then leverage to make money 

Sure, people are connecting with other people, promoting their 
products, and getting some good out of advertising themselves on 
MySpace.  But I still get left with the icky feeling it's nothing 
more than a PT Barnum spiel.

>Its time to use one of these services, I guess it doesn't matter too 
>much for all of us which one it is. I'd visit looper sites 

Agreed.  I'll support members of the community no matter where they 
choose to post their material.  Just need the URL...  ;)

"Somewhere between anticipation and nostalgia we should have been happy."