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Shopping List

Hey friends
I'm working on building my new signal chain, since I added 2 JamMans into the mix, there are a few more things I need. I figured I'd ask around here, try to keep it in the family before I hit the web. :) I'm on a severe budget, (sound familiar?) so I have hopes someone on-list will be willing to sell for cheap some things maybe they don't need so much any more, collecting dust...
My shopping list:
2 mono volume pedals (40 USD each?)
1 ABY splitter (any suggestions on a decent one? Will stay in "Y" mode perpetually.)
6 8+ foot 1/4" cables
That's it for now... building goes in phases. I'm pretty good at mowing lawns and cutting hair, maybe we could work out a deal? :)
Write back if you'd like to help a new looper out.