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Re: BOSS RC-50 impressions/pedal "action"

received the boss rc50 yesterday and have been working with it quite a bit since.  the overall features seem solid.  i'm liking the sub out option of sending just a loop signal to a drummer/bass player.

i'm not a novice at working with looping units - i've worked with the boomerang, the rc20 and the echoplex with the berringer midi pedal.  i realize it takes some work to get a feel for the each unit's pedal "action" for lack of a better word, but i'm struggling with this units pedals in a way i had not anticipated.  generally  my rhythm skills are very solid.  for the most part i've been able to create pretty seamless loops with the other units, but this one.......i'm getting a pronounced "hiccup" frequently at the end of the recording and the begining of the playback of the "phrase".  the wierd thing is that when i listen to the playback over several repetitions, i don't hear the "hiccup", and for the most part the phrase sounds ok.

so, i just got off the phone with ryan at roland customer support, and he says i'm not losing my mind, that he has experienced the same thing.  in "single" mode, this is less of a problem, but in multi mode it is more prononuced.  unbelievable.....i can't believe they would let this slip by, especially after the long wait for the damn thing.  i mean you can pretty much do the single mode thing with the rc20....the whole point is to be able to use the multi mode functions.

his suggestions were to "play through" the first beat of the phrase after you've hit the end of the recording of it....ok, that seems like a pain.  he also seems to think that roland will eventually issue a software update. 

i suppose none of this matters if you usually start your loop with silence on the first beat.......and how many of us do that?

when is that new boomerang supposed to come out? 

anyone have impressions, opinions on this?


John Floridis
406-721-9161 (home)
406-544-0787 (cell)